Sandy Holiday Memory DIY

This Sunday the weather was just amazing. Amazing enough to remind me of some of the beautiful holidays we took- and the sand we collected there.

Now, it´s been fun to collect, but I was looking for ways to present it in an adequate way. Apart from the classic layered sand you can do in vases, I came up with those sand pictures:


What do you think? If you like them, I´ve got good news: Doing them couldn´t be easier.

You need:

-frames that suit your style

-different colours of sand

-spray adhesive

-stable paper


Take the cardboard from the back of the frame out and use it as a model to cut a matching piece of white paper. Now you can be creative. Use another sheet of paper to cut out a pattern. I did three different styles.


For the first one I wanted to keep the beach theme up, so I cut out a wave.


Put the wave above the sheet of paper and spray the showing area with the spray adhesive. Sprinkle the sand over the sticky area.


Remove the wave pattern right away before the adhesive has dried out. Wait a few minutes and carefully shake off the excess sand from your sheet of paper. Put the wave pattern above the  sheet again, moving it a bit further down. You can create overlapping waves or just touching waves.


Spray the exposed part of the paper and sprinkle with another shade of sand. Remove your pattern, let the adhesive dry and carefully shake off any  excess sand. Continue until you covered the whole sheet…Then cover your work with spray adhesive, let dry. Voila, ready to frame!


For the next pattern I drew the idea I had in mind and cut out the pieces like a puzzle. I put the complete puzzle on the sheet of paper and just removed the respective part I wanted to work on. My picture has suffered a little, I let it drop once- so be careful, the sand does tend to come back off if you´re too wild with it…


The third and easiest one just needs a surface covered in spray adhesive and then quickly sprinkle the  different shades of sand wildly all over the area. Let dry, shake off, conserve with another layer of spray adhesive- and you`re done! Yay!

For a rather modern finish you could just use four small sheets of paper as pattern and arrange them in a way that leaves different graphic shapes in the middle of them. That´s the area where you put the sand and glue…

Now of course you may do those sand pictures with coloured sand you bought in a craft shop or the sand from your local building site- no need to wait till the next holidays!

What do you think of this method to make use of sand souvenirs? What do you do with the sand you collect? I still have some sand wainting to be used in my cheest of drawers, so I can´t wait to hear your ideas!

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