Giftwrapping like a Pro

So it’s my mum’s birthday in two days and while I wrapped her present I thought I might share my “wrapping skills”. I worked in a perfumery for four weeks over Christmas as a student and did exactly that for 8 hours a day in front of impatient stressed out customers. So I am one hell of a giftwrapper ;-).

If you like it, I´ll do other wrapping tutorials, this one is the classic perfumery ribbon style. Worked well for me since I decided to have an individual parfume created for my mum. The ribbons are also handy because once they´re done they are perfectly reusable.
Ok, enough talk let´s get going.


You need:

-a present 🙂

-nice sharp scissors

-wrapping paper

-clear sticky tape

-classic curling ribbon

-fabric ribbon 25mm wide with wired edges


-curling ribbon 25mm wide

-curling ribbon shredder (the scissors do fine otherwise)

  1. Cut out a matching piece of paper. It matches if:
    a)  the paper covers half of your item on the short side
    b)you can roll all sides of your item over the paper in the long side
  2. Attach one side of the wrapping paper on the item with a small piece of sticky tape (small and cute please). This helps to build a bit of resistance when you pull the paper around so that it’s nice and flat around your item.
  3. Roll your item until the attached sticky tape faces down. Fold the remaining paper once so that you cannot see the line where you cut, but a neat clear edge.
    Fold it around the item, attach with sticky tape, press down the sticky tape with fingernails to push out any remaining air. This way it nearly becomes invisible. Can you spot it in the photo?
  4. Now it’s getting interesting. Take the item in your hands, the short side facing up. Press the wrapping paper to the middle of the short side and flatten the wrapping paper out to the sides with your finger. When you`re done it should look like this:
  5. Cut along the emerging folding line. Make sure you cut straight and with sharp scissors. You want a clear edge and corners and no ragged ends. Mine are a bit ragged actually, but I decided to let it go…
  6. Put down the item with the sticky tape side facing upwards. On the short end you just cut, fold the wrapping paper the classic way. If you cut correctly it should just cover your item with no excess paper. Fix with sticky tape. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Now let´s move to the ribbon. Take the thin curling ribbon band. Lay it across your item. On the left you should have enough excess band to make about 8 knots and to curl as a final add on. Fix the band with your thumb.
  8. wrap around your item once and fix that with your thumb again.
  9. Now turn the long upper side of band by 90 ° downwards under your thumb und wrap the band around the item again.
  10. With the long side of the band back up front again, cut the band from the roll and move the end under the downwards and rightwards part of the band.

    Now remove your thumb and make a knot. Yes, this sounds complex. Yes, this feels weird at first. But yes, it makes the back and front of your present look flawless and yes, once you´ve done it a few times it is way faster than the ordinary way. Otherwise perfumery people would not do it.
  11. This step is optional if you went through the trouble of getting 25mm curly ribbon band as well and want the full on look. Depending on the size of your item, cut approx. 25-30 cm of band off. Fold it once and press down the middle of the circle you created to make a ribbon.

    Put that on your item, hold it with one thumb and make a  firm knot with the thin curly band. Firm knots are mandatory for the whole project since a lot of knots are necessary on a small space and you want a stable result.
    Repeat, with the second ribbon 90° shifted. Either use the shredder to seperate the ends of the ribbons or cut thin lines with the scissors and pull up.

  12. Cut approx.15-20cm of the fabric band. Do a ribbon like described in 8, but this time you want to have as little ends as possible. Attach on top of the 25mm curly band. Repeat with a second ribbon that is shifted by 90°.
  13. Finally, cut a 8-10cm piece (again depending on the size of ribbon or item) of fabric band. Simply fold it and knot it down with the curly ribbon on top of everything.DSC02096
    Now you only need to pull and push around a bit until the fabric band is in a good shape and the whole thing looks nice. Finally curl the thin curly ribbon with the scissors. If you always mess this up, remember that you use the scissors either at the dull side of the band or if there is none, hold the band up a bit and you will see that it already curls a bit towards a certain direction. Follow that direction with your scissors.Tadaaaaa….


    Looking at this post it seems that a video might be a good idea. Let me know if you’d like that or if there are any questions and what you think of this technique.

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